A glimpse of Stone Church history....

These are the  first Pastors over the returning flock to Independence, Missouri of the Latter Day Saints those of whom had reorganized and incorporated in 1858. 
Joseph Smith III named
Prophet and President of the RLDS Church in 1860 until his death in 1914.
There have been a total of 38 Pastors.
These Pastors were the Pastors over the Independence First Branch that grew rapidly.  They built a meeting place known as the Red Brick Church prior to building the Stone Church.
1st Stone Church Pastor 1889

Henry Etzenhouser            May 1873-Nov 1874

George W. Pilgrim               Nov 1874-Feb 1878

John W. Brackenbury        Feb 1878-Sept 1878

James J. Kaster                     Sept 1878-Feb 1880

Joseph Luff                             Nov 1880-April 1883

John C. Foss                            April 1883-July 1883

Frederick G. Pitt                   1883-1892

John A. Robinson Sr.           1892-1895

G. E. Harrington              1895-1900

W. H. Garrett                    1900-1901

George H. Hulmes Sr.   1901-1906

G. E. Harrington               1906-1916

Walter W. Smith               1916-1919

Roy V. Hopkins                   1919-1926

C. Ed Miller                          1926-1928

John F. Sheehy                   1928-1936

Arthur A. Oakman           1936-1938

Garland E. Tickemyer     1938-1946

Claude A. Smith                 1946-1960

John T. Conway                 1960-1967

Beryl V. Lycan                     1967-1970

F. Carl Mesle                        1970-1979

Gary Logan                     1979-1983

William Clinefelter   1983-1984

Kenneth Chase           1984-1985

Scott Sinclair                1985-1989

Lloyd B. Hurshman   1989-1991

Tom Mountenay  &    1991-1992

Garland E. Tickemyer 

Richard Hughes            1992-1998

David Schaal                    1998-2001

Joel Carmer                      2001-2003

Hal Davis                           2003-2006

Greg Savage                    2006-2009

Terry Snapp                     2010-2014

Holly Ross Underwood 2015-2017

Kenneth McClain         2018-present