-Holly Ross-Underwood,
Presiding Pastor

                     Green Beans and Love...


“Green beans and Love” was my reply to the question, “Why do you attend this church?” My reply really is that simple. After years of distancing myself from any church involvement, I found myself at a Wednesday night prayer meeting and potluck at a church member’s home. How I got there is a long story, but what happened that night opened my heart.  I was helping the hostess set up the food table when one woman brought a covered bowl of green beans which I gladly took to the kitchen.  I removed the lid, smelled a rancid odor, and handed the spoiled food to the hostess.  Wondering what the hostess would do, I watched her as she put the green beans down the garbage disposal and carefully cleaned the bowl and lid.  Next, she went to her pantry where she kept her home canned green beans, heated them up and placed them in the freshly cleaned bowl.  The fresh green beans doubled the amount that was originally in the bowl.  Then a remarkable thing happened, I watched as the hostess went to the person who brought the beans and said, “I am so glad you brought green beans because everyone loves green beans.  I hope it is okay that we added some more to your bowl?” My heart was pierced as I saw love and inclusiveness shown in a simple action.  No one else knew what had happened.  I immediately sensed that the love and respect I had just witnessed would also be shown to me even though at that time, I felt unloved.  God lead me to love by allowing me to witness an act of kindness that changed my life.   All I needed to do was respond to His call and "remember the green beans".     -Pastor Holly